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Saturday, December 10, 2016

wrist supports layer padding for boxing gloves

Best Quality Layer padding for boxing gloves , material use as different layers are , latex sheet , EVA foam , arthroscopic foam and rubber sheet.

This is the most famous style , which support to wrist , because in this case main area padding is permanent attached with cuff. and its become on sold piece.

in bottom you could see detail video for this.
here are some pictures you need to have close look to understand every thing.
here are two options to make wrist supported boxing mold.
you could fallow any way and could make your gloves strong ,
if you ever suffer from wrist problem and you want to be careful for this , specially ladies , they should be very careful.

now here are the detail video , where you could understand every thing in detail , that how this mold help / support wrist during sparring and bag work, then also you will know what kinds of gloves are  filled with these padding. and how they look like.