Problems to purchase Boxing Equipments

In market boxing equipments are at very high prices if we are looking for good quality. So what to do ... The most useful way is to find any manufacturer , What happen then ... , products in desired colors , sizes , logos , printing and many more things.
Najfee Leather is serving at this level , they could supply you any minimum quantity with your desired feather . and no problem any where you live. just search your desired equipments from there website or send them picture .

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Exotic leather Boxing Gears
Najfee Leather different kinds of Leather gloves. Expert fpr Exotic leather boxing gears.

Art for anyone who loves Boxing and appreciates art. A handcrafted and unique piece that exemplifies the inspired vision . Comes in many exotic leathers and skins and can be made to custom color specifications (call or email for Bespoke work ).

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Custom Made Boxing & MMA Gears

This is the services start by us for Trainers / Coaches and very students .
these are gloves we are designing special for every customer. every one will have different design . and his name will be written at back of gloves by embroidery work.